Prager Presse 15.. September 1938-31. Dezember 1938.

LAURIN, A. (ed.).

Complete run of the Prague daily newspaper, no. 230 - no. 321 (82 issues), Praha/Prag/Prague 1938. Folio (45,5x31 cm). Some illustrations. Contemporary black half-calf binding. Generally well-preserved.

Important documentation of the Munich Agreement of September 1938 and the events before and after seen from a Czech perspective. The Czechoslovakian republic was forced to cede the socalled Sudetenland to Nazi Germany on the altar of European peace, caused by the controversial Anglo-French top-level diplomacy at the Munich conference between Neville Chamberlain, French prime minister Daladier and Mussolini and Hitler. ** The German language newspaper Prager Presse was founded in 1920 by the first Czech president Tomas Masaryk as an official newspaper (expressing the views of the new republic) for the German minority in Czechoslovakia. It was closed in 1939.

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